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And speaking of banks and their outrageous costs chooks, when you need to convert US dollars to NZ dollars, go to Global Express. As their advert says they definitely have the best rates on the town. On the identical day two chooks went to transform their US$50 traveler’s cheques to NZ foreign money.

Big Red says forget the roads chooks and overlook infrastructure points that benefit no-one. Go for policies like rising the age for child benefit from 12 to 15. The ADB bank in 2008 said the profit was not a real pension but news an “income supplement” as a end result of the worth of dwelling was too high. Support lower interest rates in the banks. Support extra employment for locals.

How’s this for a new coverage on government try this automobiles chooks. No extra criticisms of public servants driving office cars! top article In future public servants stroll everywhere or catch the bus great post to read or use their own vehicles and declare a mileage allowance. This will save the public thousands. There will also be a big saving on gasoline payments.

It has been estimated that if the large volcano within the Canary Islands falls into the ocean, the wave generated shall be over a hundred toes excessive when it reaches Trafalgar Square in London. Now here’s a suggestion, all those who think a tsunami is not any threat, you go on and rush down to the sea aspect subsequent time but be certain to take your surf board in case there's a wave, official website a 100 foot wave. Listen learn this here now up chooks, word is USA President Barack Obama is to hold discussions in the Cook Islands with different Pacific Leaders due to the safe nature of the country.

Word from the Water Works was as a result of the Big Boss Boy was abroad, no warning messages had been going out. And MPs will yet once more be back indoors in February for the Supplementary budget! That’s when the begging course of begins for extra dosh for extra abroad travel and the fine act of balancing the accounts additionally begins. Look for some artistic considering chooks! Also pop over here a re-spread of unused funds to prop up agencies who had been careless with theirs and overspent on doubtful items.

Workmen ought to click this link now go to the realm, find the pipes and investigate what’s going on. Look at the precise problem as an alternative of this content theorizing what may be incorrect. In the old days, kids have been never in the house. They were always exterior and up to one thing.

That’s why the official announcement of Tiki’s appointment came out three days after the Radio Cook Islands announcement. One way to in the reduction of the thefts and dangerous behavior is to put extra coppers on the roads at night especially late at evening. Local residents can alert the coppers to the spots the place dashing occurs.